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We have enjoyed a long relationship with Harney Basin Stone, as the company has been one of our largest volume, quality moss rock suppliers over the last 15 years. Looking forward to doing business with this company for years to come!  EMPIRE STONE COMPANY ~ Bend, Oregon

Bend Oregon rock stone boulder supplier
Central Oregon Rock Stone Boulder Supplier

Harney Basin Stone takes pride in listening to our customers and trying to match their needs. From small backyard makeovers to larger scale landscapes and commercial projects; or that one standout statement rock that is just, well….WOW!

  • Located in the high climate of Harney County, HBS quality moss rock is harvested from the Rolling Rock Ranch south of Burns, Oregon. The local terrain makes up the Northern portion of the Great Basin that spreads across multiple states and is the largest contiguous lake type watershed in North America, This natural wonder provides indigenous basalt formations, geologically dated 2500+ years.

  • Our stone is harvested from the ranch's true "high desert" topography giving HBS basalt its' unique formations, unparalleled density (for longevity) and vibrant growth color variations. 

  • Natural moss and lichen rock only found in the high desert and matching the natural outdoor surroundings of Central Oregon make this the landscape rock and stone of choice. 

  • Kristy Jordan has been making HBS happen since the beginning. She understands how to provide the right look, size, and shape to make your projects truly phenomenal.  

Rock and Stone Supplier
 Kristy Jordan

"They always say thank you goes a long way; however I will always feel that is not enough. Not enough to express my gratitude to family, friends and clients that have helped make this astounding journey, in an amazing niche market, a fantastic success story. Thank you". 

Kristy has been at the helm of Harney Basin Stone for 16 years and brings all of her experience and knowledge to your project. 

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