Specializing In High Quality Great Basin Moss Rock and Sub-Surface Basalt Products


Moss Rock ~ Boulders

Great for landscape retaining walls, water features, outdoor tables, benches, fire pits, counter tops, decorative placements, statement pieces (inside and out), and just about EVERYTHING landscape

High Desert Bronze & Buff

This sub surface basalt has a deep bronze to a lighter buff color. It can be used in the same applications as our moss rock and its' neutral colors match any indoor/outdoor projects. Natural rock that is budget friendly!

Oregon Antique

Over many, many years underground pockets of moisture formed a calcification on these rocks giving them a unique vintage look with a history all their own. For those of you looking for stone with a very individual signature!

HBS Masonry Stone

Lending a natural finish to interior and exterior projects HBS masonry grade basalt comes in irregular, random and rubble sizes, with the same high desert moss and lichen as our Oregon Moss Rock. Graded and crated by hand. 


Most of our boulders sell in size ranges from 5 to 12,000 lbs, however we have been known to ship larger, so don't be afraid to ask! Any boulders over 5000lbs are considered special order and will be priced accordingly.   All hand picked, crated material like rubble or masonry stone will require refundable crate deposits. Please help us provide you with the best product we can by ordering early, ensuring timely delivery.

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